Understanding how the Certificate of Entitlement works

The Certificate of Entitlement, or more commonly known as V750, is a form issued by DVLA for new and previously unassigned vehicle registration marks. The new registration marks are generated when consumers make a purchase from DVLA’s auction site. Form V750 should not be confused with form V778, which is utilised for registration marks which have previously been in retention status, or kept unassigned for future use.



What are the features and benefits of form V750?


The most useful feature of form V750 is that it allows buyers to purchase registration marks even if they do not own a vehicle or an age-appropriate vehicle. This feature is useful for consumers who are still saving for their car. At times, consumers will come across a perfect private number plate for their dream car. Instead of waiting to get their car and risking losing the mark, consumers can purchase the mark in advance using form V750.


A second great feature of form V750 is as a gift. The purchaser, known as the grantee in the form, can buy the registration mark in advance and assign the recipient as the nominee. This way, they can purchase a registration mark on behalf of the nominee as a surprise. Although the ownership of the registration mark lies with the grantee at this stage, the nominee is allowed by DVLA to use the mark on their vehicle. The grantee can also subsequently change the details of the nominee by filling the Change of Nominee Details at the bottom of form V750 and thereafter, submit it to DVLA. The change of nominee costs just £25.


Assignment to a Vehicle


Once the grantee (or the nominee, whichever applies) have acquired the vehicle to use the number plate on, they may then submit an application for assignment to DVLA. The fee for a standard assignment costs £80, and must be submitted with the following documents:


• V5C logbook

• V750 certificate

• MOT certificate (where applicable)


DVLA will typically respond within 14 days by mailing a new log book, a V948 certificate and a tax disc to the grantee. DVLA may also instruct the vehicle to be sent for an inspection, though this usually involves older vehicles.


Please note that the V948 form is needed when you are placing an order for physical plates from a DVLA approved number plate supplier.


V750 Validity


Form V750 is valid for one year. Grantees may renew the form at a cost of £25 per year, for a maximum ten years. If the certificate is not renewed after a year and lapsed, the registration mark will be released back into the public pool.


It goes without saying that any changes to vehicle assignment status must be communicated to your insurance provider. Failure to do so could void your insurance coverage.



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